What We Do at SC Villas

I am a person who rarely sits in complacency, and my San Clemente Villas is a reflection of who Paul and I are as people. We love to entertain and to make people happy. Whenever we can, we bring that joy of living to our residents and their families, and we throw some great parties at San Clemente Villas.

One of everyone’s favorites is the group the Kelly Boys. We recently had a great country how down, the band and the Kelly Boyz helped take our dance to  a whole other level. A great time was had by all!!

My favorite photographer, Mark Montgomery was once again on hand to snap some great photos of the festivities. He always makes us look good, but beyond that, he is able to capture the joy we all feel when we host, and participate in these events..

Take a look for yourself:

Aileen Brazeau


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Fun at the Villas

Some people have the perception that living in a retirement community is boring. I don’t know about other communities, but at my San Clemente Villas, we have a good time.

There is always something going on. We hold Charity events, Chamber Mixers, celebrations and we even have Poker and Casino nights for our residents, and often times other members of our San Clemente Community and families of our residents attend our events.

We also take field trips to various landmarks around Southern California, and hold classes, exercise sessions and best of all, dances with good music. No one is required to attend, but all who live here are welcome, and most people love our events.

Aileen Brazeau

San Clemente Villas


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Fall Is Coming

fall wardrobe choices for Aileen Brazeau

from Pinterest


Our weather is still warm, and thank goodness we have finally had a few rain storms, but I am getting excited about putting some new fall outfits together. We don’t get much of a change of season here in South Orange County. But the leaves will turn, the evenings and early mornings will get cooler. The air smells fresher and more crisp. Fall is kind of the best of both worlds for me. Warm, breezy afternoons, cool evenings, and a chance to switch to warmer fall colors for a few months.

Of course Fall also means that another year has gone by all too quickly, and that part bothers me a bit. It seems each passing year goes by more quickly. I wish I could make things slow down just a little. The other side of Fall season means the Holidays are coming, and I love them. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years..the best time of the year.


Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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Setting and Achieving Goals

Aileen & Paul Brazeau

Aileen & Paul Brazeau

My husband and I own two businesses, I work out regularly, exercise and watch how we eat. To keep things running smoothly and profitably, we both set goals. I set goals for my personal health, I set goals for San Clemente Villas, and Paul and I set goals for Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms. It is a process, and although it’s not always our favorite thing to do, we know that it is important to have goals, and to meet those goals.  The saying goes, “fail to plan and plan to fail.”

When I make a plan for San Clemente Villas or the Horse Farm, or my personal goals, I start at the beginning. What is our optimal occupancy rate for the Villas? What will it take for our horses to win races? How much working out should I do to achieve the desired level of fitness? Which weight loss plan best suits my temperment?

Those are all the starting points I use in order to begin building my list of things I must do, each and every day to meet those goals. If I want to keep all of the apartments at San Clemente Villas full, what is it that I must do to achieve that? I write down everything, and then build a plan. If part of the plan isn’t working, I replace it with something else until I get just the right balance. Sometimes the entire plan has to be scrapped and I start over. But I never, ever give up.

When something unexpected or unpleasant happens, I can get a little upset, but only for a short time. Then I sit back , analyze what went wrong, and try to take something from that experience that I can use to be successful going forward. Remember, I am in a people business. If  I  don’t believe, and show that I care just as much about the people in my business as I do about the business itself, it won’t work.

Last of all, in business, and in life, you have to be willing to take risks. Not foolish, reckless risk, but risks nonetheless. You cannot be afraid to fail. That fear will keep you from ever achieving any of your life’s goals. So do your research, make a best case scenario, then a worse case scenario, and go for it.

Aileen Brazeau

Co-Owner of Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

Co-Owner of Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

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Fun Has NO Age Limits !!

Aileen Xmas 2013 5Just because you are over 40,  doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. At San Clemente Villas our residents come here to live the good life. They aren’t just sitting around on their bottoms waiting for time to pass, they are active, young at heart and ready to enjoy life.

And you know what,  in life it’s the ones who feel the least sorry for themselves, who when something difficult occurs  still manage to find a reason to  smile, those are the people who stay younger longer. The people who are angry  they can’t do some of the activities they once did, who complain and whine, they are the ones who look and feel  older.

We don’t have many people like that in our Assisted Living Facility, our people are too busy having a good time. At San Clemente Villas we have a location that can’t be beat. There is a shopping plaza right across the street with a movie theater and restaurants. Very close by is another shopping center with a grocery store, a Starbucks, lovely little shops and more places to dine.

Within a few miles of us is the San Clemente Pier and the beach. Not to mention lovely Del Mar Avenue with all the shops and eateries. On a beautiful sunny day there is nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee or an iced tea and window shopping on Del Mar. On any given weekend there could be a Car Show or a Festival of some sort somewhere close by.

In the neighboring towns on San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point the have musical events at the Libraries or the parks on the weekends, where you can listen to music and dance for FREE. There is a great Theater Group in San Juan with plays all year round.

At the Villas, we always have something going on. We hold Chamber of Commerce Mixers, Celebrations for the various holidays, and sometimes just for fun. There is always some kind of singing or musical event, and games, movies, crafts . Live your life fully and enjoy every day. Never let a bad day keep you down.

Aileen Brazeau

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How Much Sleep do Seniors Need?

communications with seniorsI was told that as we age we need less sleep. I must tell you that the truth is this. As we age we sleep less, but that doesn’t mean we need less sleep. Yes, our bodies are no longer changing and growing like a teenager.  Well, okay, they are growing and changing, that is still true, just not in the same way a youngsters body is.

The National Institutes of Health has put forth the proposition that older adults need 7 to 9 hours sleep, just like everyone else.  The fact that as we age our sleep tends to get interrupted more frequently with trips to the restroom, and just less REM sleep overall.  Brain function can become impaired at any age when we don’t give our minds and bodies enough rest and exercise. So I think it’s important to do the following:

  1. Find a way to ease aches and pains before retiring for the night, perhaps a warm bath, or a cup of tea
  2. If you are prone to leg pain, find just the right type of pillow to place between your knees
  3. Get plenty of exercise during the day, it’s good for your brain and will help you to sleep better
  4. If your mind gets restless when you lie in bed, try soothing music as a background for your sleep
  5. Dance whenever you can. Even if it’s by yourself at home. Dancing releases endorphins, and music makes us happy, when we feel happy and relaxed we sleep better.
  6. If you get really sleepy in the middle of the day, don’t be afraid to take a short nap. There are some people who have more trouble sleeping when they get overtired.

So remember, no matter how old we are we need our sleep…


Aileen Brazeau



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What It’s Like To Be The Elder

treating elders with respectHere on this blog as well as most other blogs which deal with Senior Issues, the posts are more often about how to help your loved ones who are dealing with declining mental capacity. At San Clemente Villas, we do work with Seniors who are coping with cognitive issues, and after they have lived with us for a while and participated in our mental and physical activities, we see almost always see an increase in issues and memory function. Their mental clarity gets better, they engage more and life in general is better.

Most of our people do not have cognitive issues, they are very well able to think and make decisions for themselves. They may be suffering with some physical ailments, and have limitations on the amount and types of activities they can participate in, but mentally they are still right on it! It is painful to listen or watch situations where these intelligent and capable people are treated like children. They deserve to be respected, and they deserve to continue making decisions for themselves.

I came across an interesting post today at Slate.com:

” We’re not dead yet. Most of us aren’t even that out of it. There is a certain facial  expression many of us start seeing in our adult children around the time we hit 65. It involves a faint tilt of the head, accompanied by an intense, pained stare, not unlike that caused by a sudden gastro attack. I’ve named it the “uh-oh, she’s starting to lose it” look. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re either lucky or haven’t been paying enough attention (or are losing it). Nearly anything can bring it on: a mispronounced name, a forgotten date.

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Fashion for Women Over 70

Senior before and after, San Clemente Villas from St Louis Dispatch

Gone are the days when every woman over the age of 70 is required to cut their hair short and dye it a silvery blue color, complete with a curly perm. Gone also, are the old lady orthopedic shoes and the Grandma sweatshirts. So what should we wear instead? Some part of us wants to cling to the tradition while others would like nothing more than to throw on anything we used to wear happily.

If that’s how your Grandma or Mom is dressing, take them to your hair stylist, and go on a shopping trip, because they don’t have to look like a stereotypical old lady any more. A fresh, layered bob, a short and sassy shag, or a great pixie cut can bring any woman’s style into the 2000’s. And those old elastic waist pants need to go to. Instead opt for comfortable stretchy dark washed jeans in a straight leg style. Or some soft chinos in different colors. Just because a woman is aging it doesn’t mean she has to look old.

And while we are on the subject, how about some comfortable, but stylish walking shoes instead of those awful white pleather sneakers. I know that some of our elders are very frugal, but try to gently steer them in a more fashion conscious direction. Why? Because looking like you still have a fun and lively nature can change everything. Boosting her mood will be the first benefit, as how we see ourselves is one of the most important parts of fashion and aging. It will also make younger people less able to pigeon hole her as an old lady. Giving her some style back will make her feel more beautiful and confident, and when you feel more beautiful and confident, it’s easier to socialize as well as enjoy life a bit more.

Take a look at this slide show, Hairstyles for women over 70: http://beauty.about.com/od/spassalons/ss/Great-Haircuts-For-Women-In-Their-70s.htm



Forever young at heart and stylishly yours

Aileen Brazeau

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When is it time for assisted living?

Is maintaining a home getting to be too much? Are you or your loved one having trouble walking and dressing? Is your appetite not what it used to be? Maybe driving a car is no longer an option. Keeping your medications straight, how much to take and when, too hard to keep track of? Have many of your friends moved away or passed on?

creative art for seniors with dimentia



If more than two of these things are happening to you a loved one or a family member, then it could be time to give us a call. We would be happy to arrange a tour, and depending upon your interests, have you come at a time when a specific activity will be taking place.

We here at San Clemente Villas understand that Assisted Living might not be for everyone, but I just want to share something with you. Time and time again, children have come to us, distressed that their Mom, Dad, Aunt or Uncle is in decline. Once they come to stay with us, more often than not, their verbal skills improve dramatically. Their physical well-being is much better because they are eating better. Any signs of depression subside as they start to chat with the other residents, participate in activities, dance, sing, and swim or go on outings. The importance of socialization for any person cannot be stressed enough. In Seniors it can mean the difference between life and death.


Aileen Brazeau


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How To Make Their Day!!

Karen just wrote a guest blog post for us on a subject  which deserves a little more attention. My staff and I at San Clemente Villas know first hand the joy that visits and interactions with family members and children bring. And it’s not only the joy that family members get, it spreads to every member of our community and our staff.

We make certain that our people have access to hobbies, crafts, music, dancing and exercise programs. They have shopping trips, we hold events here on a regular basis, invite the community in and our residents are always excited and happy to have the fresh faces show up in our lobby.Children Visiting

Those are all good things. But there is something about the laughter and joy a small child brings into out place that I can’t even describe to you. You just have to see the faces of our people, the soft smiles that begin to spread over every ones faces. The children, running by, looking for their Great Auntie, or Grandpa. The teenagers, some of whom aren’t all that excited to be here, but who eventually crack a smile when somebody tells a joke or gives them a complement.

People who have visitors have status. They proudly introduce the visiting family member to all of their San Clemente Villas friends and our staff. And those visitors who take the time to stop for a moment and engage with the other residents are often surprised at how much fun they have talking to these “older” people.

Somehow, in our society, we relegate people to roles based upon their appearance. People who have aged sometimes have poor posture, wrinkles and age spots. We forget that those same people were business owners, pioneers in the field, teachers, doctors, artists and performers. Taking a minute to talk to each other enriches all who become involved in the conversation.

So, put aside your worries about the perfect gift, the perfect Holiday Dinner, and just buy a box of their favorite candy, bake some cupcakes, bring a DVD of a favorite old movie and just spend some time..You can buy all that other stuff, but you can never buy more time. Spread the joy, and it will come back to you..

Aileen Brazeau

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