Aileen’s Community Concerts

Aileen Hosts Famed Yale Men’s A Cappela Singers.

The community often benefits from the first class  facilities at San Clemente Villas when Aileen and Paul Brazeau open up the resort style grounds to host a concert.

Not long ago Paul and Aileen hosted a performance by the world renowned  Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, a men’s Capella singing group from the ivy covered halls of Yale University. This special event was open to the public at no charge. Light refreshments were even provided all compliments of San Clemente Villas.

This storied group features an enormous and complex repertoire. Their song-book includes jazz standards, folk tunes, barbershop quartets, spirituals, blues, pop, rock and roll, traditional Yale songs, and original compositions drawn from the 74 year history of the groups existence.

The group regularly performs at their home venue,  Mory’s Temple Bar, adjacent to the Yale University Campus, but have also performing around the world at villas in the French wine country, the White House, and even on national television.

It was a great treat to seen them perform live for our community in San Clemente.  On behalf of the community, thanks Paul and Aileen Brazeau.


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