Hat Day at Del Mar Race Track

Back in July the Del Mar Race Track in La Jolla they hosted a Hat Day Couture, custom and Southern Belle. I got to be in the Orange County Register here is what they wrote about this special day!!

Co-Owner of Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

” Opening day at Del Mar racetrack is certainly the girl’s day out in Southern California. The men put on the ritz too, but it’s not nearly as colorful or creative as the thousands of day dresses and gorgeous hats.Hat day is where the smart money is for a record-breaking 47,339 fans who paraded them in all high style. And there are the horses too, but who’s looking at them?

Speaking of hats, Sarah Matney, an old hat from Kentucky said they never wear fascinators at the Derby. “Fascinators are taboo. You can only wear the big Southern Style.” Del Mar was a day for her to wear her fancy fascinator designed Polly Singer.”

I personally love hats with wide brims and vibrant colors, but I certainly would never rule out a gorgeous fascinator!!


Aileen Brazeau

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