Go Solar: It’s Good For the Earth

Aileen and Paul Brazeau are both  strong believers that  corporations have a social responsibility to be good citizens too.  Aileen believes we have just one planet, and we must take care of it for our kids and their kids, whether we are individuals or corporations.  Aileen is going green-Solar-Electricity System at San Clemente VillasThis belief motivated her own corporation, to install extensive solar panels at their own San Clemente Villas Assisted Living Community.

Solar Electrical Systems of Westlake Village, CA, handled the install of the 288kW solar installation on San Clemente Villas by the Sea, making it the largest PV system on an assisted living resort in the United States.

San Clemente Villas by the Sea decided to install not one or two, but three complete solar electrical systems. One was installed on the rooftop, one on a solar carport, and one on a steep hillside.  The hillside system posed the biggest challenge  not only because of the steepness of the hillside, but also a lack of direct access.

Aileen and Paul Brazeau believe that their residents take pride in the fact that their home is involved in the green movement.   More and more people are looking to do business with companies who demonstrate that they are responsible social citizens.

Of course the economic aspects of the install do not hurt either.  Available rebates and tax incentives made the investment much more affordable.  San Clemente Villas estimates that the entire system will pay for itself within five years with the energy cost savings they will enjoy.

The hillside solar electrical system, visible to thousands of commuters on the 5 freeway, is an impressive sight and a powerful reminder that good corporate citizenship is on the rise.


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