Each Day Is a New Beginning.

Aileen Brazeau in ActionI have been in the Assisted Living Business for over 10 years now. Every day when I arrive at San Clemente Villas, I am reminded nothing that happened yesterday has to impact how I live this day. Granted, there are some exceptions to this but for the most part, if I let go of whatever happened yesterday, good or bad, and focus on the day ahead of me with a glad heart and a good attitude, I will have a good day.

Sometimes outside forces are at work which can turn a day from good to stressful, but if I just stay the course, hold my head up and do the very best that I can do, then I can end the day in a good state of mind. While that is important for everyone in this turbulent world, for me, as the leader of this operation, it is even more important. You see, I set the tone for everyone else on my staff. If my attitude is one of discouragement and stress, that will spread throughout the Villas, and ultimately on to my residents, and I never want that to happen.

I have surrounded myself with a great staff, and as a team we can handle anything that comes our way. We work together to bring music, laughter and adventure to our place. When friends and family come to visit their loved ones they see that something is always going on and they appreciate what we do for our people.

If you are having a stressful time in your own life, do your best to resolve the things that are causing you problems and challenges, and then instead of carrying a heavy burden of worry on your shoulders, put the worry aside, go out and look at the sky, or take a walk along the beach, and remember, no matter how tough a time we go through, there are always blessings each day that come our way.

Aileen Brazeau

co owner for San clemente villas, social acitivist, beneficent, community support, chamber member.

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Aging Well Means a Good Diet

It’s the same situation with our bodies. If you consistently eat processed sugary foods, you will not run like a high performance person.  Remember Super Size Me?  It’s a movie/experiment where a guy went on an eating regimen that included only food from Mc Donald’s for an entire month. By then end of that month his cholesterol level had gone sky high, his weight was up and his energy, depleted. He did damage to his internal organs and it took him almost a year on a specialized vegan diet to lose the weight and get his body back into shape.  Most of us are going as far as he went, but we are eating way too many processed foods. Even when we eat at home.

We think we are saving time, and in the now, maybe we are, but over the long haul, all that processed, sugary food build up in our system and we end up sick. It happens over and over again. You hear every day of people who are dying from cancer or heart attacks, kidney or liver failure who seem like they are perfectly healthy and very active until all of a sudden, BAM.

For every time you put something into your body, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little reminder bell off and a message that says something like ” you can eat that sugary treat now, but what are you going to feel like 5 years from now… And maybe say, remember that little black dress you love so much, well it isn’t going to fit if you keep chowing down on those Cookies !!

Just because a food is good for us, doesn’t mean it has to be bland or unappealing.  I took this list from Dr. Weil’s News letter, and you might be surprised at what’s on it!!:

6 Foods for a Healthy Heart
If you have a family or personal history of cardiovascular disease, consider trying the “polymeal” concept. Researchers estimate that by eating combinations of specific foods that have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, you may lower your risk by as much as 76 percent.

1. Wine: Drink about 2/ cup of wine every day to help reduce your risk of heart disease by 32%.

2. Fish: Eating fish four times a week can lower the risk by as much as   14 percent.

3. Chocolate: Enjoy about 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily.

4. Produce: Consume about 14 ounces of fruits and vegetables daily, which  can help reduce blood pressure.


5. Garlic and Almonds: Eating both regularly aids in cholesterol  control.

All of the polymeal foods are recommended in Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid. For best results, add daily exercise and a relaxation practice such as yoga or breathing exercises to the polymeal prescription. Physical activity and stress reduction are as important to heart health as the foods you choose.


Aileen Brazeau

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Good Ole Gals and SC Villas!

During the year, I attend regular monthly dinners with the Good Ole Gals. We are a local group of women who meet, have a nice dinner and just talk about what it going on in our community and our lives. These days I think it is more important than ever to stay in touch with people. So many of us get wrapped up in our work and family obligations and it can become a bit isolating over time. The women knows as the Good Ole Gals make the effort, the committment, to get together every single month of the year.

This year our group had decided to  have a “dark December” and not meet.   Instead I floated the idea of having a Christmas party and everyone agreed. So I hosted a party at San Clemente Villas for the Good Ole Gals,  with an Elvis Impersonator called “The OC Elvis”   AND  I hired the Kelly Boyz to dance with some of the Ladies. A great time was had by all!!


Please see below on the youtube video link.



Happy Holidays

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