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Aileen Brazeau finishes Race for the Rescues, irvine, Ca

This past Saturday I participated in the Race For The Rescues. I am an animal lover and anything I can do to save a helpless animal, I will.

From their Facebook Page:

“Race For The Rescues is a day when animal lovers of all ages come out to run, walk, shop or adopt – to help save the lives of homeless dog, cats, horses and farm animals in Southern California. This is a fundraiser where 100% of the net proceeds go to local animal welfare organizations. This race is a timed sporting event and we have a mixture of serious athletes competing for times and people who just want to come out and walk with or without their dog to help support the benefiting organizations. ”

This organization distributes funds to all different rescue operations throughout Southern California. For those of you who aren’t able to participate in the run, you can still donate funds on their website.

Until next year…

Aileen Brazeau

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At the Farm

On March 05, 2012, Paul and I  purchased the  Hemet Valley Thoroughbreds – Heavens View Thoroughbred Farm in partner ship with Nadine Anderson, and we renamed the farm Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms, LP.

It has been a labor of love, buying, breeding and training our horses with the help of our wonderful staff. Last year several of our horses did well at the track. We won some races and placed in others.  This year we are looking forward to more time in the winner’s circle.

During the year we get to experience the miracle of birth when our gorgeous mares have their foals.In case you didn’t already know, baby horses are called foals.

Horse at the Farm horse and foal at Brazeau thoroughbred farms Horse and baby 2









This horse farm has been a dream of Paul’s for a long time. To see all of the new foals, to watch our horses train, and to actually see them at the tracks, it is a feeling that is hard to describe. Pride is a good word for it, but it’s more than that. You grow to love the horses, and their foals.

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen at the Horse Farm

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The Importance of Music

Music programs at Aileen Brazeua's San Clemente VillasFor some, economic recovery has begun, for others struggles remain. Our Orange County schools are among those who are dealing with cutbacks to sports and music programs. In much of South Orange County parents have stepped in to keep programs going in schools where there have been cutbacks. In other, poorer neighborhoods, where parents are working two and three jobs just to make ends meet, there was little to nothing left over for extracurricular activities.

Some schools are just this year beginning to plan for the reinstatement of music programs in their schools and more are feeling hopeful with the vigorous, healthy real estate market and some job recovery, they will be able to once again fund their music and sports programs.

As someone who works with people, I will tell you that being involved in music programs can literally change lives, no matter what age. It even makes a big difference in the lives of those you would not think would affect.

For children and teens, no matter what their economic status, music is a form of self expression, a way to get lost in something beautiful, and for many, a path to self esteem. Seniors love their music as well. It brings them together, for some, the songs bring back fond memories, and just the sheer joy of singing or playing an instrument lights people up and fills their souls. I know I sound dramatic, but if you watch people when they play an instrument or sing, you can see it. You can see their countenance change, their posture, and the looks of happiness on their faces. Our residents light up when local musicians come and play for them, and the musicians themselves are always thrilled at the appreciation and applause they receive after a performance at the Villas!!

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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Aileen Networking

As Co-Owner of San Clemente Villas part of my job is to be out in the community talking about our beautiful Villas by the Sea. We sponsor Chamber of Commerce mixers at San Clemente Villas, and whenever possible attend local charity and networking events. Back in July I attended a local business networking event. Not only was it enjoyable, I got to see some friends that I hadn’t seen for a while, and to top it off, I made some new friends. Networking is an important and enjoyable part of being a business owner!!

If you are invited to local events in your community, take the time to go. Clear a little space in your busy day and get out, meet new people, connect with old friends.


Aileen Brazeau

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Children and Seniors


seniors and children Aileen Brazeau San Clemente Vilas

If you visit San Clemente Villas you will see children running through our hallways more often than not. We love to have our residents Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren come to visit. Their visits bring joy to their immediate family members and they also fill our halls with laughter and the energy that only the young have.

We do all sorts of outings and activities at the Villas, but seeing the same people day in and day out can sometimes get a little ho hum, visits from children do so much to change that feeling. There is nothing that compares to their smiles and delight at the little things. The icing on the cake is  visits from these sweet children will stir up memories for people. Memories that can be delightful and cause the residents to chat amongst themselves about bringing up their own children, and sometimes even reminiscing about their own childhoods.

There are some facilities which are now combining Senior Care and Day Care, and it is making a huge impact on the lives of both the children and the seniors.

I did some research, and actually came across an organization called SKIP. This organization has a mission to bring children and seniors together in order to enhance their lives. This coming together of children and seniors is beneficial to the elders, and sometimes it also makes a big difference in the life of children.

With so many parents working multiple jobs just to get by these days, sometimes the time a young child spends each week with a Seniors citizen is the only place that child gets unconditional love and attention, praise and the chance to feel truly special to someone. Because the seniors have already raised their own children, their time with these little visitors is more about fun than it is about discipline, so everyone gets to have fun.

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012


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Clearing out the Clutter

Clearing the clutter, Aileen Brazeau San Clemente VillasEach year when the weather changes in certain parts of the country, people move their winter clothes out of the closet and start moving their spring and summer clothes in. Back in the old days we would also take the heavy winter curtains off the windows and put up the light, billowy sheers. It was both literal and symbolic. The cold, dark, heaviness of winter was shut away and the lightness of spring and summer was welcomed. Each year, as we put away the heavy darkness, we cleaned, hence the name Spring Cleaning.

Although the weather doesn’t go through the same drastic fluctuations here in California that some parts of the country experience, it still get’s cooler during the winter months, we wear heavier clothing and we get winter time clutter in our homes, and some of us even let things pile up a bit in our offices. Even here, in Southern California, some of us perform the soothing and cleansing tasks of spring cleaning.

In honor of the start of the spring season I have some things to share. Five things you can do to spring clean your office and career:

  1. Clearly state your goals for the next few months and state how you intend to achieve them
  2. Remove any clutter that would impede your progress, that includes excess papers and files on your desk, and any clutter or negative thought that is running through your mind as well.
  3. Put away anything you don’t need and try running with a cleaner, simpler schedule that removes some of the making busy tasks and leaves time for meeting with friends, working out, spending time with family.
  4. Take those heavy curtains off your windows and let in the cool breezes!! Then go see the flower fields in Carlsbad California and fill your mind with the scent, color and exquisite beauty of nature.
  5. Read or watch something inspirational.

Aileen Brazeau

San Clemente Villas

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Using Sunscreen

San Clemente PierHere in Southern California the sun is out in full force most of the year. And this year, as we deal with the drought conditions it’s every day. If you are like me and you are active and love to take a morning walk along the beach, it is tempting to leave home without your sunscreen, but don’t do it.

It doesn’t matter what the time of day, UV rays from the sun can still cause damage to our skin. Often the damage is such that we don’t even see the signs of it until it’s too late. Yes, it feels lovely to bask in the warmth of the sun, and yes, we look a little better with a slight tan on our skin, but, if you have ever seen someone suffer from skin cancer. You will quickly change your opinion. I have known people who, as a result of sun damage, have had to undergo painful surgery, skin grafting and even radiation treatments.

And just so you know, one myth I would like to dispel is the belief that if you don’t get actual sunburn there is no damage to your skin. The truth is that all the little things add up. Each hour your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, or to the light in a tanning bed causes underlying skin damage.  That’s why the left side is more afflicted in people who drive a lot .the forearms and hands are exposed to more sun when driving as well.

So please, take precaution to cover up. Get used to the pale look and revel in your smooth, wrinkle free skin instead of looking for that warm color of a tan. No matter how you achieve that tanned look, it is going to be harmful.

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Fun Has NO Age Limits !!

Aileen Xmas 2013 5Just because you are over 40,  doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. At San Clemente Villas our residents come here to live the good life. They aren’t just sitting around on their bottoms waiting for time to pass, they are active, young at heart and ready to enjoy life.

And you know what,  in life it’s the ones who feel the least sorry for themselves, who when something difficult occurs  still manage to find a reason to  smile, those are the people who stay younger longer. The people who are angry  they can’t do some of the activities they once did, who complain and whine, they are the ones who look and feel  older.

We don’t have many people like that in our Assisted Living Facility, our people are too busy having a good time. At San Clemente Villas we have a location that can’t be beat. There is a shopping plaza right across the street with a movie theater and restaurants. Very close by is another shopping center with a grocery store, a Starbucks, lovely little shops and more places to dine.

Within a few miles of us is the San Clemente Pier and the beach. Not to mention lovely Del Mar Avenue with all the shops and eateries. On a beautiful sunny day there is nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee or an iced tea and window shopping on Del Mar. On any given weekend there could be a Car Show or a Festival of some sort somewhere close by.

In the neighboring towns on San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point the have musical events at the Libraries or the parks on the weekends, where you can listen to music and dance for FREE. There is a great Theater Group in San Juan with plays all year round.

At the Villas, we always have something going on. We hold Chamber of Commerce Mixers, Celebrations for the various holidays, and sometimes just for fun. There is always some kind of singing or musical event, and games, movies, crafts . Live your life fully and enjoy every day. Never let a bad day keep you down.

Aileen Brazeau

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Having Fun At San Clemente Villas

Aileen Brazeau supports her community Assisted Living is where people go to sit on the porch and wait until it’s all over. Not at  San Clemente Villas. Each day is a gift and we treat it as such. We always have something fun and exciting going on and with each change of season, each Holiday,  I hold a special event for my residents and I always invite their families and the entire community of San Clemente to share the fun with us.
In April we had a photo day for all of our residents with the Easter Bunny. Everyone, including our staff, had a great time. And we all enjoyed seeing the new Easter outfits everyone chose for the occasion.
For me, Easter means many things, but it also means spring is here. The bright vibrant colors of the flowers that bloom, the smells of  gardenia, lily and jasmine.  The new fashions for spring and summer. It is a celebration of the renewal of life. Even here, in sunny South Orange County we all love when the weather gets warmer, the ocean breezes start to cool us in the afternoon and morning mists roll through early in the morning as I walk along the beach.
San Clemente Villas Fun,
Aileen Brazeau
Co-Owner San Clemente Villas
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Memory Care Specialty

What do you do when your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or Auntie and Uncle start to lose their ability to live independently? When the only memories they have are of days long gone by? Grandma is still her loving self, but she no longer knows who you are. Grandpa, who was always kind and gentle, is now easily upset and agitated.

These are all signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s and for our family member and our loved ones, this disease is devastating. Not every place knows how to care for these loved ones. Placing them in a regular nursing home or assisted living facility can be dangerous. If they have enough days in the week where they appear lucid ad able to function, someone untrained in how to deal with memory impaired patients can get complacent, and that’s when a loved one can wander off.

I have listened to enough stories to know when it’s time to get your loved one into a special care facility, or somewhere like here, at San Clemente Villas, where we have our West Indies Wing that caters solely to people with memory impairments.

Caring .Com has some good advice on how to tell if someone you know should be placed in Memory Care Assisted Living:

“Here are some questions to help you decide whether the person needs more assistance. Each “yes” answer is a red flag that warrants a closer look.

Sign it’s time for assisted living #1: Changes in communication

  • Have letters and grandchildren’s birthday cards slowed or stopped?
  • Does she seldom initiate calls anymore (it’s always you calling first)?
  • Does she seem in a hurry to get off the phone, fail to ask you many questions, or seem unresponsive to your comments?
  • Do you get nonemergency calls at unreasonable hours, or hear complaints from friends that they’re receiving such calls?

As dementia progresses, she may find it difficult to follow the steps involved in writing, addressing, stamping, and mailing a letter. Phone conversations become difficult to follow. It can be worrisome when you can only get firsthand updates by visiting in person. And someone who can’t write and mail letters may also have trouble completing the steps involved in cooking or driving. Odd communications in the evenings or at night can be characteristic of sundown syndrome, the worsening of confusion and other Alzheimer’s symptoms that sometimes occurs late in the day.

Sign it’s time for assisted living #2: Changes in self-care

  • Is she losing weight inexplicably?
  • Is she gaining weight inexplicably?
  • Has her usual style (hair, makeup, clothing) become noticeably different?
  • Does she dress appropriately for the occasion?
  • Does she dress appropriately for the weather?
  • Have you detected the smell of urine on her clothes?
  • Does she stay up later and later, and then not wake until practically midday?


My staff and I are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss whether your loved one might be better off, and more safe in our beautiful facility here in San Clemente Ca. If we meet you, go over their medical records, chat with their physician, and spend a little time with your Mom or Dad, we will know better what course to take.

Give us a call, no obligation, and we can chat.


Aileen Brazeau

Co-owner, San Clemente Villas by the Sea,

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