Aileen's Work in the Community | Entrepreneur, Business Woman| Aileen Brazeau

Aileen's Work in the Community | Entrepreneur, Business Woman | Aileen Brazeau

Life at the Beach

Aileen Brazeau San Clemente Villas, aileen breazeau orange county business owner, aileen brazeau dana pointMy husband and I live in one of the most beautiful parts of this country, Southern California. You might know our area as the OC, which stands for Orange County. Made famous by shows like Laguna Beach and the Housewives of Orange County. The OC became famous on an international level.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the OC was not cool. People who lived in the Los Angeles area thought of us OC people as hicks. Just 30 years of so ago, most of the land south of Mission Viejo was still empty or just newly developed. Things have certainly changed. Today, the OC is  force to be reckoned with.

These days there is some pretty hefty traffic on our freeways. Property in the OC is getting more expensive, especially in our Coastal cities, such as Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente, but unemployment is low and if you are run a service business the chances of making a good income here on the coast are excellent. There will always be people who have dreamed of living by the beach, and we have plenty of beautiful and well maintained beaches here.

Because of where my home and my San Clemente Villas are both located, I am steps away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. After a long day, solving problems, running the Villas,  and dealing with issues, there is nothing more magical than a walk by the ocean.

The rhythm of the waves crashing on the shore, the feel of the sand beneath my feet, the fresh smell of the salt air wafting over my back terrace. There is just something so soothing about life at the beach.

This time of the year our weather is pretty much perfect. It’s usually cool in the evenings and early morning. Often it’s foggy until 9:30 or 10:00 am, then the sun comes out and warms us up until late afternoon when the fog rolls in once again. People will come for summer vacation, hoping to get nice and warm and toasty sitting in their beach chairs. Depending upon where they have come from, our cool summer weather can be a sweet treat, or a big disappointment. We get warm and toasty in late August and early September.

If you haven’t made your vacation plans yet, try to come in July. It’s still cooler here than most other areas of the country, but the morning fogs are pretty much gone by then. We will still have the nice, cool evenings but the weather will be warm most of the day.

Aileen Brazeau

co-owner of the San Clemente Villas

assisted living facility

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Alzheimer’s Research

At our San Clemente Villa’s we have an entire wing devoted to Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. We see the ravages of this disease each and every day, and we know that there will be more cases of Alzheimer’s and Dementia coming up with all of the Boomer’s aging.

It is vital that there be some significant break through in the treatment and perhaps a cure for this disease, or I am not certain  how the system will cope with the sheer numbers.

This year my staff and I participated in the walk at Doheny Beach in October. Here are just a few of the photos we took that day:

Aileen Brazeau

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What’s Aileen Up To?

I have lots going on this week,tomorrow, June 5th I am sponsoring a Networking Breakfast and this weekend we will be at the car show in downtown San Clemente at the car show, look for the beautiful women in their Poodle Skirts!!

Car Show June


My husband and I love being apart of the San Clemente Community, and we really enjoy getting out and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Please stop by our booth, it is going to be on the corner of Del Mar & Ola Vista..we will see you there !!


Aileen Brazeau


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We Participated in a Shea Riding Center Event

Western Barbeque hosted by Aileen BrazeauPaul and I own a horse farm. We breed horses both for stud and for racing. We care very much for our horses and we both enjoy interacting with our horses and their trainers. Horses are beautiful animals with their own distinct personalities and quirks. just like humans, some are more social, others less so. There are horses with a sense of mischief and other who take things very seriously. Sometimes there are even horses who are empathetic. They can tell when someone carries deep pain, or needs a gentle touch.

Over the years, those people who work with horses began to notice that when some people who have a particularly difficult time relating to others, or for whom anxiety is an issue can feel much better after interacting with their horses. That is what the staff and volunteers at the Shea Center will tell you. They have seen people’s lives changed forever once they work with the horses at  J F Shea Therapeutic Riding Center.

Here is what they say on their site about the various riding programs:

  • ” The Shea Center offers classes that focus on a broad range and combination of disabilities. These classes fall under the general term “therapeutic riding” but each class is a sophisticated program developed to address the needs of that small group.
  • For example, physical rehabilitation classes are aimed at riders with impairments affecting muscles, bones and nerves. These classes use the input of the horse, activities on the horse and positioning on the horse, to provide strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Cognitive classes address the many processes of the mind, including planning, judgment, memory, orientation, concepts, attention, and language.
  • Sensory Processing classes provide activities on the horse to improve the brain’s ability to take in, analyze and respond to information from the body’s five senses. The primary goals of these classes are increased body awareness, sequencing and judgment skills, attention span, cause and effect, motor coordination, spatial awareness, and early learning skills.
  • Horsemanship classes help clients acquire and refine riding skills at the Center’s highest level. In addition to the physical benefits of riding, clients improve judgment skills, social interaction, coordination, motor planning, self confidence and self-esteem, and a greater sense of independence. “

The people at Shea are amazing, loving and gentle people. If you get the chance, make an appointment to go and observe what they do.


Aileen Brazeau



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San Clemente -Men’s Only Event!

Wedding Aileen

If you have come to my blog before, then you know that we like to enjoy ourselves at San Clemente Villas. Our activities director Barbara and other members of our staff make entertainment and enjoyment a regular part of each day. We play games, hold dances,and  events  like our San Clemente Chamber Mixers where we invite the entire San Clemente Community in.

We take our residents down to the harbor, or to the beach, or out to ball games. Life is too short and sometimes very stressful. I, Aileen Brazeau, am here to tell you that when you have a chance to lighten the load and have a bit of fun, go for it.

This is a video of one such event at San Clemente Villas, and this one was for the guys only in honor of  Father’s Day:

click here


Stop by and see us some time. We are a great place to live..San Clemente Villas by the Sea..

Aileen Brazeau


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Entertainment @ San Clemente Villas

Why  do we host so many dances and sing alongs  and other events at San Clemente Villas, because it is a source of joy. Wedding Two at San Clemente Villas

Music, dancing, young children visiting these are all parts of daily life here. We even host the occasional wedding for our staff.  I must tell you, I can give you boatloads of studies that prove all of these things are good for your heart. Now, most of the people who live here at the Villas are over 70 years old, so you may think all this interaction and entertainment is just for them. While it’s true that we like our people to be happy, we, the staff also enjoy the entertainment.

Everyone who is employed by San Clemente Villas gets to share in the joy of watching the children in their costumes at Halloween. We all get a big kick out of the Pet Photos with Santa, and what is more fun that a concert of show tunes? No matter who you are, and how much you love your work, sometimes life gets stressful. As a resident, some days you need an extra boost of something special, and the sweet face of a child or singing a song can be just the thing.

We just had a big Chamber of Commerce Mixer here last week. When San Clemente Villas holds these  types of events, we welcome people from the city of San Clemente into our world. And our residents get to meet and mingle with people outside of San Clemente Villas. When Paul and I set out to build this community, we intended to build something special and we think we have.


Aileen Brazeau

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Summer Fun in the O.C.

San Clemente sunset

Summer is here and here in the OC there will are all types of activities in our local communities in our area for everyone to enjoy.  Highlighted here are just a few that you may enjoy participating in with friends or family.

From June through August, there are beach concerts in San Clemente every Thursday evening from 6 PM until sunset.  These concerts take place north of the pier on the beach – a beautiful, relaxing setting.

Another wonderful way to celebrate our community would be to tour the beautiful gardens in the area.  This annual tour also serves as a fundraising event organized by The San Clemente Garden Club.  Proceeds from the tour tickets go toward various grants and scholarships, as well as landscaping efforts within the community.   Purchase of tickets is required for the self-guided tour that is scheduled for June 1st from 10 AM to 4 PM.

For a festive afternoon activity, join the San Clemente community for its annual “Street Faire and Fiesta” which takes place from 9 AM through 7 PM on August 11th.  Activities and entertainment are provided for all ages by a variety of organizations.  The event includes contests, a business “show”, a myriad of events, as well as food booths for your enjoyment.

For a bit of “Old World” entertainment, Dana Point will be hosting “Shakespeare in the Park” at Lantern Bay Park.  This is a yearly event that is free of charge.  All you need to bring is a lawn or beach chair and a picnic basket full of food.   The performances of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” are scheduled for August 28th through August 31st at 6 PM each evening.

Take a moment and enjoy one of these events or any number of other events that are happening in our community this summer!

Aileen Brazeau

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San Clemente Villas Hosts Marines on Memorial Day


San Clemente VillasThis year on Memorial Day we decided to invite our Marine and Navy neighbors at Camp Pendleton for a barbeque:

Our residents enjoyed dining and visting with the men and women who fight for our country.

Aileen Brazeau

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Sharing Recipes – Good times in the Kitchen

Not too many years ago, women spent many hours together cooking, sharing recipes, family stories – laughing and even, sometimes crying – together. Life has changed. Many of us have moved far from family, and most women have to hold down a job just to make ends meet.  Many of those home cooked meals, we once regularly enjoyed have been replaced with fast food and restaurants. The food is not nearly as scrumptious or nutritious, but we’ve also lost that time in the kitchen where we learned about Great Aunt Sally’s stuffing recipe, figured out how to accomplish world peace, and mended many teenage daughters’ broken hearts.

Sharing Recipes – Good times in the Kitchen

As the holidays approach, we all begin to think of the delicious recipes we’ve enjoyed over the years. It also gives many of us a chance to spend time with loved ones. Many recipes are family originals, or at least, family-tweaked recipes that are beloved by the whole clan. For you, caregivers to older women, this time of year is the perfect time to get your loved one back into that kitchen, and pull those famous recipes from their minds, before time takes that away, too.

A few years ago, my own daughter-in-law, asked me for my stuffing recipe. I was delighted. She told me that no other recipe would do, because Isaac wanted hers to taste just like mine. Since then, Jenny and I have made my “almost famous hot rolls” together and the family gathering favorite – Polenta and Stew. Whether or not the recipes are preserved, the memories we made working together in the kitchen are precious.


For older women, who spent many years preparing meals for their families, you could not give them a bigger compliment than to ask for the family recipes. But don’t cheat yourself, or them. Get them into the kitchen and you will discover the real secrets to their favorite dishes. More than that, you will give them a sense of purpose. You’ll give each other, memories to last forever. Include your younger women of the family and you’ll have a bonding time that will be sure to begin a family tradition.

One of my cherished memories was learning to make candied sweet potatoes with my granny.  She raised 12 children almost single-handedly. It’s a good thing she loved to cook and could make beans and cornbread taste like a feast. She had a slew of grandchildren which I usually had to share her with during our summer visits. But one year, I had her all to myself. I had gone for a visit during the winter months and I felt so special to spend time with just her.

I always gained 10 pounds when I visited my granny. For breakfast she’d make bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, plus rice that she soaked all night and served with butter, cream, and sugar.  We usually didn’t have room for lunch but dinner was started early. For the sweet potatoes, she started by boiling them until they just started getting tender. Then she took out a big iron skillet and melted a cube of butter over low heat. She peeled and sliced the sweet potatoes, then fried them in the butter. Last, she covered them with a box of brown sugar until the whole thing bubbled into a gooey delight. The sweet potatoes had crispy edges and tasted better than any desert. I make them every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Granny’s been gone for decades, but my memories of being in her kitchen and the taste of her candied sweet potatoes will endure.

By Karen Everett Watson – gerontologist


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Is it Dementia, or Your Medication?

The rising number of seniors with dementia has many older people very concerned about their memory and there are plenty of reasons to be concerned. The rate of dementia does rise sharply as we pass the 80 year mark, but if you or a loved one has experienced a rapid decrease in cognitive thinking, it may be your medication!

Medications and Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that the most common cause of reversible dementia is medication side effects. Since the average senior takes at least 6 medications, according to the Kaiser Foundation, there’s a lot to be concerned about. That makes it imperative that you know what you are taking and all the side effects your medication may cause.Some of the biggest drug culprits for causing cognitive decline are taken by many seniors. Lipitor, Xanax, Valium, and even some antibiotics can cause reversible dementia. It’s estimated the 25 percent of prescriptions given to seniors may have harmful side effects. Since many seniors take multiple prescriptions, they’re also at risk for negative drug interactions. Seniors with multiple heath issue often see multiple specialists – and often all are prescribing drugs. Having a good primary care doctor who knows all your meds can be your first defense against medication induced dementia.

Stress from hospitalizations and serious illnesses can also cause temporary dementia. Most of the time during a hospital stay, new medications are given, as well as anesthesia. All these can contribute to thinking problems.

All elders need informed advocates, especially when they are dealing with medications and illnesses. Be proactive and quick to ask questions of your elder’s doctors. Read all the information given with a new medication. It may just save your elder and you from dealing with cognitive decline. Symptoms of temporary dementia include inappropriate behavior, hallucinations and trouble understanding conversations. Pain killers, antihistamines, and muscle relaxants also may cause decline in brain function.

Hopefully, the word about reversible dementia will spread and doctors will be more vigilant about drug choices for the elderly patients. Until then, we’ll all have to watch for these side effects ourselves.

By Karen Everett Watson – gerontologist

San Clemente Villas by the Sea – co-owner  – Aileen Brazeau



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