Aileen's Interest in Fashion | Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Philanthropist | Aileen Brazeau

Aileen's Interest in Fashion | Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Philanthropist | Aileen Brazeau

Summer Concert Wear

Here in Orange County our mornings are cool, our evenings are cool and middle of the day is warm and sunny! So we dress in layers. A light jacket for the mornings and evenings, and a cool, flowy sleveless top for mid day.

I just published a post about all of the great free summer concerts here in South Orange County and this type of outfit would be perfect for one or all of them: [Read more…]

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Summer Fashion

Aileen Brazeau women's summer clothing, san clemente villas

red shoes and dress

Pretty pastel dresses, simple jewelry, light, flowery perfume and red shoes. Summer is the time for light or vibrant color, nothing in between will do.

No muddy browns or rusty reds of winter, not for us. I like long flowy dresses in the summer. They feel feminine and cool. Even though they may be sundresses, I feel a little dressed up in them. [Read more…]

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Fashion and the OC

fashion in Orange County, Aileen BrazeauSeveral years ago there were TV shows set in Orange County, in fact, one of them, Housewives of Orange County may still be on. Since then, the OC is known world wide. Which is kind of funny, because for years we were the ugly stepsister of Los Angeles. Fifteen or twenty years ago, I remember people saying that Orange County was where the people who couldn’t make it in LA lived. Too bad for them now, because we are the place to be.

For the past several years, aspiring Fashion Photographers and Designers, as well as more established people in the fashion industry, have come to Orange County to show their design and photography skills. this March will be the next OC Fashion show. From their Website:

“California designers will showcase AW16 collections at the Designer Showrooms in the new Orange County Fashion Week venue at Pelican Hill Resort from 13-16 March 2016. Each day is divided into category specific apparel.

OCFC’s supports its emerging talent initiative titled Behind the Seams the televised emerging designer program will  feature pop-up showroom at the Fashion Forum Opening day of OC Fashion Week where designers will have an opportunity to present their collections to buyers and press with photo competition submissions.

Pandemonium 2016: the World of Fashion Photography presented by the OCFC which is a dedicated program to fashion photographers to feature the talents of the brand builders  style behind the lens.

Sugar Rush 2016: the OCFC’s resort wear initiative with sub-categories presented as capsule collections in luxury handbags, jewelry, accessories and swim wear will present Ada by Elizabeth, Beach Candy, MW Collections at The Coliseum curated by Hauteoc Traveler. Sugar Rush is presented by Skull Candy.
HauTech 2016: the OCFC’s menswear initiative, will present a featured presentation at La Capella  in a space co-curated by Dina Marciano Designs.

Fashioned for the Future Spotlight 2016: OCFC initiative spotlights an innovative fashion designer recognized for their ability to not only connect with consumers but facilitates innovative business through technology and advancement as a role models to emerging talent. This year’s Fashioned for the Future program spotlights: Marisa Kenson Collections of her company MK Collab.

Fashioned for the Future Initiative 2016: OCFC spotlights student designers and launches an all-new student design competition, the competition allows for students to enter their collections and look books for a chance to be previewed in S/S 2016 on the MainStage of OC Fashion Week with a program curated by the Art Institute of California, Orange County and the American Sewing Guild California.”

This all sounds wonderful to  a woman who loves fashion. Will you be at any of these events?

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Dressing in Layers

The mornings are cool with ocean breezes blowing gently, the afternoons warm, and the evenings cool and lovely. All of us who live in the Coastal Communities of Southern California know that no one outfit is going to work from morning into evening. So we dress in layers, because if we don’t we are too cool in the morning, too hot at lunch time and freezing at night. [Read more…]

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Fall Is Coming

fall wardrobe choices for Aileen Brazeau

from Pinterest


Our weather is still warm, and thank goodness we have finally had a few rain storms, but I am getting excited about putting some new fall outfits together. We don’t get much of a change of season here in South Orange County. But the leaves will turn, the evenings and early mornings will get cooler. The air smells fresher and more crisp. Fall is kind of the best of both worlds for me. Warm, breezy afternoons, cool evenings, and a chance to switch to warmer fall colors for a few months.

Of course Fall also means that another year has gone by all too quickly, and that part bothers me a bit. It seems each passing year goes by more quickly. I wish I could make things slow down just a little. The other side of Fall season means the Holidays are coming, and I love them. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years..the best time of the year.


Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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Outfits For A Saturday

At San Clemente, out at our ranch, and just running errands, when you live in a beach town, casual is the word. We like to be stylish, look put together, but we also appreciate the fact that in a beach town, no one gets’ too fussy in the way of dressing.

I love to wear colorful, long, flowing dresses on a hot day, and while this outfit isn’t a dress, it is soft, flowing and elegant. I found it on Pinterest

aileen brazeau san clemente villas, charitable giving, philanthrophist


It looks cool, comfortable and elegant, don’t you think so?

Aileen Brazeau

san Clemente Villas

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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Getting Ready for the Holidays

I can’t believe that another year has flown by so quickly. Halloween decorations are up at the Villas and we are starting to plan our annual Holiday celebrations. There will be community events to attend, company parties, family get togethers. I love this time of year!

I was just checking out some holiday fashion ideas on the Elle Magazine site, and while some of their picks for holiday dresses are not something I would probably wear, a few of their choices look promising:

elle-10-fall-formal-dresses-halston-heritage-v-xln elle-12-fall-formal-dresses-mlle-v-xln

I like both of these dresses, paired with the right jewelry and some pretty black shoes, they could be just the ones to get me through the holiday season. I will probably also need something with a deep rich color as well…It may be time to go shopping!!

Aileen Brazeau









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Fall Fashion

Elle Magazine has some great posts about style and fashion. There are other great style magazines in print and on-line, but Elle seems to have more sense of the styles and fashions a “normal” business woman would actually wear. Some of the clothes I see in print and digital magazines could be viewed as works of contemporary art, but they certainly look like they would be either uncomfortable or at the very least, impractical to actually wear.

I was just looking at their site today and I found a post about fashionable dresses, with pockets!! Any man reading this would say, “what’s the big deal?, doesn’t everything you wear have pockets?”, and if you ask most women for an answer they would tell you, no, not everything has pockets. In fact, even most women’s dress slacks don’t have them. For years now we women have sacrificed the pockets in order to make our hips look slimmer. But I still love pockets. 

Take a look at this slideshow and tell me what you think: Elle Fashion, Dresses with Pockets


Aileen Brazeau


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Fall Fashion 2014

September is one of the warmest months here on the beach in San Clemente. During the summer the wind off the ocean keeps us cool, but in the fall when winds start to flow from inland our weather heats up. Every year at this time I am slightly amused by the convention of putting away all of our white clothing for another year. And in reality in climates like ours, there is not reason to put our light summer clothing away until pretty near to the holidays.

I have a confession to make, I really don’t mind this artificial change in seasons. The arrival of fall means soon the air will be cooler, there will be fires in our fireplaces and out in our fire pits. My fall clothing will feel new again, and truth be told, I will probably purchase a few items to freshen up that fall wardrobe. I was just browsing through Elle magazine’s site, and thought this photo presented some interesting possibilities:



I love the pencil skirt, the bag and scarf. Not sure I would choose to wear these flats with a skirt, I would probably chose something with a heel, but I still like the flats to throw on with a crisp white shirt and a nice pair of slacks or dark washed jeans.

I think it’ time to check out my closet and get ready for the Fall!!


Aileen Brazeau




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Fourth of July Fashion

The annual Fourth of July celebrations are only a couple of days away. Here in California we know that Fourth of July celebrations can be held at the pool, at the beach or at a local fireworks venue. Our weather at this time of the year can be pleasantly cool in the morning, heat up to blazing hot in the afternoon, and when the cool, damp ocean breezes come in at night, it can be chilly.

So what’s best to do when you have a whole day full of events and parties, ranging from morning into the evening? Layers !! Thatjuly4- photo from Elle Magazine is always the operative word here on the California Coast. On the whole, one can never go wrong with a  well loved denim jacket in red, white or blue. They never go out of style . A cute tank in  a contrasting color and a pair of dark washed skinny jeans or shorts is always a safe bet. A comfy pair of cute sandals and a purse big enough to hold sunscreen, a swimsuit, and some lipstick will help to keep you looking good all day.

I love fashion, but I am not one who lets the fashion world dictate what I wear. I love to have pieces in my wardrobe that work for more than one occasion. Just change up the jewelry, accessories and hat, and I am ready for the next event.

Paul and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Fourth of July !!


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