Our Work with Thoroughbred Horses | Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Philanthropist | Aileen Brazeau

Our Work with Thoroughbred Horses | Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Philanthropist | Aileen Brazeau

Another Year In The Books

As Thanksgiving approaches and Christmas comes up,I am feeling this year draw to a close, perhaps more keenly that I have in past years. I am reminded of a song  that goes something like this,

“It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Another night like all the rest.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Let’s make it the best.
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
It’s just another Auld Lang Syne,
But when we’re through this New Year
You’ll see, will be
Just fine.”

While it’s not time to sing that song just yet, I feel it coming. Some years seem to pass more slowly, others just fly by. This one was one of those years where you wake up in October and say, “what happened, where did the year go?” Between running the Villas and the horse farm, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, not to mention the races, this has been an action packed year.

Some of the days were stressful, but I am grateful that more often than not, Paul and I have been able to spend time with family and loved ones. So many tragedies this year in our country it seems to wear us all down. But then a new day dawns and we get up and get moving again.

I wish for everyone who has lost someone this year to find solace in friends and family. I pray that everyone who has lost a home find some resolution and a warm place to lay their head.

Aileen Brazeau

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Aileen and The Horses

It’s colt time. We have had a few brand new baby horses born in the past couple of months. If you have never seen one or been around a colt, they are sweet and beautiful and very loving. It is a beautiful thing to watch these mares with their newborn babies. They are at first a little unsteady on their legs, and they will stay pretty close to their Mothers. But as they get a little stronger the become more playful and adventurous.

People get all soft around babies and it’s pretty much the same when we get around the new colts. We love how our farm is growing and becoming successful at breeding more championship level horses..




Aileen Brazeau

San clemente Business woman, Senior assisted living

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Running, Running and Running

Running my first Half Marathon !!

In the past year and a half or so I have stepped up my fitness quest. I started by joining a weight loss program and walking. Then a short while later,

along with a couple of friends, I decided to join a running club. In February I completed my first ever half marathon! I didn’t decide this out of the blue. I have been running with the club, training with my trainers to build more lean muscle, and this half marathon took some fair bit of training to prepare for.

I am so proud of myself. I never thought I would do something like this. Between the BTF Farms, our San Clemente Villas, and family, I have plenty on my plate already. But I decided in the last couple of years to put my health first and I have kep my committment to myself. It’s much easier for me to keep my commitments to other people tha it so to keep them to myself. I think most people are like that.

I have said this before, and now I will say it again. As the owner-operator of a Senior Living Home, I see first hand the value of good health and strength. We are none of us immune to illness and accidents, but it’s those who have invested in their health who are most apt to recover quickly.

Did you have a resolution to take better care of yourself this year? Are you keeping your resolution? If you’re not, it’s not too late to start. Get up tomorrow with a goal, and each day, recommit to that goal. If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world. The next day you get up and do it. No excuses.

That’s what I have been trying to do. Some days I manage to stay in the zone, and some days, life gets in the way. But I keep trying.

Aileen Brazeau

Assisted Living Facility San Clemente, Ca Alzheimer's care facility San Clemente, A place for Mom and Dad, San Clemente

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January 23, 2017 Inspirational Quote From Aileen

I just thought this would be an appropriate post for today when so many are saying things that could be hurtful


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Preparing for a New Year

Aloha RUn long Beach 2016, run for Honor Flight for veterans, Aileen Brazeau runs for charity

We finished and got the medals to prove it

I am not one who only makes resolutions and changes in my life once a year. When I see things that need changing in my world, I work on a plan, and whatever is in my power to change, I will. I spend more time on running and walking than I have before. I get out of the office and mingle more. I cherish time my with husband and family, and I get out to the horse farm whenever I can.

Paul and I own the San Clemente Villas by the Sea and running this place can be all-consuming if we let it, but we try not to let it.

There are times when things go a little topsy turvey, staff quits, they get sick, we get all filled up with residents. Those are the times when everyone pitches in and works a little harder. But when all the staff is in place, doing their jobs and everyone is well, we take time to do some things for ourselves.

What are your goals for the New Year?   Are they to get fit? Lose weight? Make more money? Are you good at meeting your goals and keeping your resolutions?

I have a friend who has a big chalkboard in her house. She writes her immediate goals on that chalkboard, and no matter whether it takes one year or three, she leaves them up on that chalkboard, and when she meets a goal, she simply draws a line through it. That way, on a bad day she can see something that’s been accomplished. When she needs some inspiration on a day when she’s tired and a little beat up by life, she can be inspired by a goal that is yet to be met.

This year, don’t worry about resolutions, grand or small. Just make a list and put it somewhere we you can easily see it. As you live your life and get busy, look at your list, refocus, and don’t forget to cross off the things you have accomplished!!

Happy New Year.

Aileen Brazeau



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Aileen and the Horses

horses-aileen-with-tough-applesMost of you know that Paul and I are co-owners of Brazeau Thoroughbred Farm in Hemet, Ca.

This Farm is a labor of love for Paul and I.

The fact that our horses are now winning races is the icing on the  cake.

Our  Thoroughbred Farm is set on a beautiful  hill close to Lake Hemet which just happens to be one of California’s largest lakes.  We purchased the  Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms in 2012, and along with our partners, we have been working to make the farm and our horses the very best they can be.

To that end, we’ve fully renovated pastures, added 50 new stalls, developed an alfalfa crop, and

built a whole new track that included grading and the railings.  

Today I would like to share some special photos of a few of our horses and the farm itself:


Between owning and operating San Clemente Villas, and Brzaeau Thoroughbred Farms life gets pretty busy. We are fortunate that both places bring us so much satisfaction and fulfillment. In case you are wondering, each of these endeavours takes lots of creativity, passion and hard work.

What is your passion?

Aileen Brazeau

San clemente Business woman, Senior assisted living


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Aileen and Paul Brazeau in South County Magazine!

I, Aileen Brazeau, and my husband Paul, are fortunate  to know some amazing business people in Orange and Los Angeles County. One of them is  Jody Robinson, Publisher & Editor in Chief of South County Magazine.

This past July, Jody and her staff joined us for a summer celebration at San Clemente Villas, and with her permission, I am going to share the featured article  in the July edition of South County Magazine about San Clemente Villas:

Aileen Brazeau featured in South Coundy Magazine July edition 2016, Aileen Brazeau co-owner of San Clemente Villas


Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon, there is always something going on between the Villas, the horses and now the Holidays are coming up!!

Aileen Brazeau

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the Mom’s and Grandmothers in the world, in our San Clemente Villas, and whom I call family and friend:

Aileen Brazeau, Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day

I wish you all a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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At the Farm

On March 05, 2012, Paul and I  purchased the  Hemet Valley Thoroughbreds – Heavens View Thoroughbred Farm in partner ship with Nadine Anderson, and we renamed the farm Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms, LP.

It has been a labor of love, buying, breeding and training our horses with the help of our wonderful staff. Last year several of our horses did well at the track. We won some races and placed in others.  This year we are looking forward to more time in the winner’s circle.

During the year we get to experience the miracle of birth when our gorgeous mares have their foals.In case you didn’t already know, baby horses are called foals.

Horse at the Farm horse and foal at Brazeau thoroughbred farms Horse and baby 2









This horse farm has been a dream of Paul’s for a long time. To see all of the new foals, to watch our horses train, and to actually see them at the tracks, it is a feeling that is hard to describe. Pride is a good word for it, but it’s more than that. You grow to love the horses, and their foals.

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen at the Horse Farm

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Our Horses Are Winning!!

A few years ago, my husband, Paul, and I decided to buy into a horse farm and begin breeding, training and running horses. Our partner and ranch manager  Nadine Anderson and our great trainers and staff have worked magic with the horses. We started slow and built things up. Some of the first horses we raced didn’t win, but in the past two years, our horses have steadily improved. We are winning!! It was so exciting to be in that Winner’s Circle, and to celebrate with our friends, I can’t even begin to describe how we felt.

I think these photos say it all:

Wild in the Saddle from Brazeau Frams wins at Del Mar

Our Horses WON!!!!


“Chaulk O Lattey”  and “Sir Cal”  both won at Del Mar which was an absolute thrill.  It was my dream and on my bucket list to win at Del Mar and be in the Winners Circle with my horse winning.

Check out the Brazeau Farms website to learn more about the farm and the beautiful horses we have there.

Congratulations to all of the great people who worked with so much love and care to make this horse a winner!!

Aileen Brazeau


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