Advice To Help Us Stay Healthy As We get Older

Living well, Aileen Brazeau, San Clemente Villas, Brazeau Farms, business owner, community personI love to be active and every chance I get to be out in the fresh air, I take it. How about you? Are you staying active, or are you falling into the trap of becoming more sedentary?

I think the advent of binge watching certain television shows has certainly made it more tempting to just sit in front of the flat screen with a bowl of popcorn. And while that’s perfectly okay to do once in a while, it’s NOT okay to do all of the time.

WebMD says: By Stephanie Watson

” Who doesn’t wish for a fountain of youth? Magical youth-restoring springs exist only in legend, but science does point to a few simple, healthy habitsthat can help extend your life.

Heather Whitson, MD, associate professor of medicine (geriatrics) at Duke University School of Medicine, shares the most effective tips.

Don’t Slow Down

Exercise and physical activity is where the strongest evidence lies, not just for reducing mortality, but also for across-the-board health benefits,” Whitson says. She ticks off exercise’s advantages: fewer heart risks, improved sleep and memory, less depression and pain, better bone strength, and fewer falls.

What kind of fitness is best? “If you’re only able to do one kind of exercise, aerobic exercise is what you want to do,” she says.

Do anything that sounds like fun. In other words, walk briskly, ride a stationary bike, or take a dance class. Even better, alternate aerobics with strength and flexibility training for a well-rounded program.

Go Mediterranean

With its emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways in the world to eat. Plus, it’s delicious, so you’ll want to stick with it.

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to better heart health and greater longevity. Whitson recommends it to her patients.”

I work with a trainer a few times a week and in the past I have belonged to a walking club or two. I just make it a priority in my life to be outside and active. Another peice of good advice is to stay social. Keep in touch with old friends, join clubs and take classes where you have the chance to meet new friends. And have friends who are both younger and older than you. Age has little to do with whom you find interesting and fun to be around.

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Summer Time in San Clemente

aileen brazeau, san clemente ca business owner, san clemente villas, socialite, San Clemente is an enchanting beachside town and an up and coming community all at once. The closer you get to the ocean and Del Mar avenue, the more  you see of  the Ole Hanson style of old San Clemente . The other side of the hill is where the newer housing developments are. The news homes are often built with red tile roofs and stucco exterior, that mimic the look and feel of the older homes closer to the beach.

It doesn’t matter much, though. Everyone who lives in this beautiful beach side community is proud to be a part of it. There is always something going on here in San Clemente, and the San Clemente Villas is positioned in the perfect location to take advantage of all of it.

One of our biggest events each year is the Ocean Festival- Greatest Show on Surf. There is something for people of all ages In the morning there is a pancake breakfast prepared by our city lifeguards and other volunteers. the at beginning at 9:00 am there are different distance runs for children ages 4-12. each ages group gets to compete with their peers. There are Lifeguard Competitions for men and women, Rescue Relays, Ironman competitions and Paddleboard Rescue Relay.

There is also the great  Rubber Ducky  Race and on Sunday, the sand sculpting competition. If you have never been, try to get here, but I warn you it gets crowded, so the earlier you get here, the better your chances of seeing everything.

Throughout the summer, San Clemente also hosts concerts by the beach. On Thursday, July 27: Reggae band Common Sense will be performing as part of the free summer concerts series, from 6pm to sundown just north of the pier.

Aileen Brazeau

San clemente Business woman, Senior assisted living

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January 23, 2017 Inspirational Quote From Aileen

I just thought this would be an appropriate post for today when so many are saying things that could be hurtful


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Christmas Time in South Orange County

Aileen Brazeau, Merry Christmas

At the Villas we have the Christmas Spirit, and we know that Orange County is a great placee to be during the Holidays! There is the Dana Point Boat Parade, the Newport Harbor Boat Parade , and every year Fashion Island has one of the most beautiful Christmas Trees. On  Saturday, December 10, th  the city of Laguna Niguel has their annual Holiday Parade.  [Read more…]

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Aileen and Paul Brazeau in South County Magazine!

I, Aileen Brazeau, and my husband Paul, are fortunate  to know some amazing business people in Orange and Los Angeles County. One of them is  Jody Robinson, Publisher & Editor in Chief of South County Magazine.

This past July, Jody and her staff joined us for a summer celebration at San Clemente Villas, and with her permission, I am going to share the featured article  in the July edition of South County Magazine about San Clemente Villas:

Aileen Brazeau featured in South Coundy Magazine July edition 2016, Aileen Brazeau co-owner of San Clemente Villas


Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon, there is always something going on between the Villas, the horses and now the Holidays are coming up!!

Aileen Brazeau

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What’s Happening at San Clemente Villas?

This is a great month to live in the San Clemente Villas by the Sea. We have so many great activities going on, we thought we should share a few of them with you.

As you know, Paul and I love to have a good time, and we try our best to make sure that our people have a good time. Our awesome staff makes it easy on us.  This month we have our annual Luau:

Aileen Brazeau co owner of San Clemente Villas, San Clemente Villas


Here are a few photos of a Luau we had a couple of years ago:


Aileen Brazeau

Assisted Living Facility San Clemente, Ca Alzheimer's care facility San Clemente, A place for Mom and Dad, San Clemente

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Country Hoe Down At San Clemente Villas

Paul and I love to share our San Clemente Villas by the Sea with people in South Orange County. It is always a great occasion for our residents when we throw a big party and they get to mingle with people outside of the Villas. I don’t mean to brag, but we do know how to throw a great party! [Read more…]

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The City of San Clemente

San clemente ca, aileen brazeau

from Pinterest, ole hansen style home

San Clemente is one of the most beautiful cities is Southern California. It has access to hills, sea and sand. The weather is pretty temperate, it does have seasons of a sort, but it never seems to get too cold, or too hot, at least not for very long.

What I didn’t realize is that San Clemente is in fact one of the very first planned communities. I have seen the Ole Hanson homes and been intrigued by them, but for a long time I didn’t think much more about them. Then I saw some articles that addressed the history of this area and how Ole Hanson began his master plan, and I was intrigued.

Ole Hanson attracted folks from the Los Angeles area  with his grand plans and free food and went on to sell over 1,200 house lots. In the 1920’s, house lots started as low as $300, and went as high as $1,500!! Call you favorite San Clemente Realtor and you will find that there are very few buildable lots available and the prices are considerably higher these days, with lots closer to the ocean listed in the million dollar range!

If you spend any time in the older areas of San Clemente you will see Ole Hanson’s homes. They are all built in  the Spanish style, with white stucco exterior, red tile roofs and wrought iron decorative touches. He did put deed restrictions on each of the properties he sold that ensured the new homeowners comply with the Spanish style of architecture that he wanted for this new planned community.

Paul and I  love San Clemente. Each year that we can we participate in local events, one of our favorites being the car show on Del Mar.  The Ole Hanson Beach Club has been restored, and it’s still a great place for locals to gather and to take their daily swim.

San Clemente by the sea!!

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012



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Alzheimer’s and Emotions


happy seniorI generally leave posts about the elders to my San Clemente Villas blog, but there have been some developments in the research of Alzheimer’s which I would like to discuss here, and then we will get back to the fun things.

We have an Alzheimer’s wing at the San Clemente Villas, and I can tell you that Alzheimer’s is a complex disease. Not being able to remember the most recent events in one’s life doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t feel deep emotions. In fact, most who are afflicted by Alzheimer’s still feel emotions deeply after the event has faded from their mind, giving experts reason to challenge accepted beliefs about our feelings in general.

Alzheimer’s patients may continue to feel jubilant or somber for years, even though some of the events which contributed to those emotions are long forgotten. They could have been watching a sad movie and they just cant remember or experience.

Researchers said Alzheimer’s patients are ‘profoundly impacted emotionally by events that they cannot recall’ and that this has implications for careers and family members who are trying to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

The worse the patients’ memory,the longer the feeling of sadness persisted for it was found, suggesting that being unable to remember what made you sad makes it more difficult to lift the mood.

One patient in the study said: “I feel like all my emotions and feelings are rushing in on me. It’s extremely confusing and I do not like that feeling.”

The authors said: “The persistence of this patient’s intense negative emotion and her inability to conjure up a logical explanation for the cause of her feelings illustrate the bewilderment that a patient with Alzheimer’s disease may experience in the face of an apparently inexplicable feeling.”

I know from experience that while there are certain symptoms of this devastating disease which are common to most, each person who has Alzheimer’s has their own unique set of symptoms. I am doing everything I can to support research and ultimately a cure for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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Captain’s Ball

Aileen and Paul Brazeau, meals on wheels supporters, charitiesPaul and I recently attended the Age Well Senior Services Captain’s Ball on February 6, at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. The Age Well Senior Service Website describes this event as:”Captain’s Ball gala recognizes companies or individuals who have gone above and beyond in their caring towards seniors and has been described as “the one Ball you don’t want to miss and best in Orange County” .

While we own and operate a premier Assisted Living facility here in San Clemente, we know there are Seniors here and in other areas, who wish to stay in their homes, but they need a little help. Meals on Wheels was founded for just such a purpose. It is just one of the causes supported by Age Well Seniors, and by us. We are also members of the Alzheimer’s Research group, Chamber of Commerce, support other local charities and organizations.

At the Villas, our Seniors are engaged and active and we know for certain that anyone, especially seniors, who are engaged and active, lives a fuller, healthier existence. Some Seniors live on their own, and as their social circle and their ability to participate in activities diminish, so does their mental acuity and ultimately their health. They stop eating properly, and their social circle becomes smaller.attendance at the Captain's Ball, Laguna Niguel, meals on wheels

Meals on wheels is a way to make certain that good, nutritious food is delivered to their door. For some, it is also a time where they are afforded some social interaction they might not otherwise have.  are delivered to people.


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