San Clemente Villas 15th Anniversary

Paul and I made the decision to build the best Senior Living facility we could, and we chose San Clemente, Ca as they place to do just that. San Clemente Villas offers our people a wide variety of things to do, from swimming to singing and dancing to movies and excursions. You can do all of these things, or none of them. It’s up to you. But we wanted people to come here and thrive, be healthy and be happy, not sit in a chair. [Read more…]

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What’s Happening at the Villas?

Here at the San Clemente Villas, we celebrate life. In October we celebrated the 100th birthday of our resident Don:, we hosted Oktoberfest and Paul, residents, staff and guests celebrated our 11th year is a snapshot:

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A Fabulous 10yr Anniversary Party

Friday night, November 2nd, 2012..we held our fabulous 10 yr Anniversary Party at San Clement Villas by the Sea in San Clemente CA. Paul and I worked long and hard to bring this dream to life, and despite the times, we have made our Villas the very best. Our residents thrive here at the Villas, our staff is wonderful and we are proud to be the owners of this place for Seniors.

The party is to commemorate our anniversary, that is true, but it was also a thank you to everyone in our community, on our staff, our family and our residents and their families. Thank you.

My social media person, social cindy put together a few of the photos taken at the party, later we will post the video from One Trick for all to enjoy..

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Aileen Brazeau

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