Life at the Beach

Aileen Brazeau San Clemente Villas, aileen breazeau orange county business owner, aileen brazeau dana pointMy husband and I live in one of the most beautiful parts of this country, Southern California. You might know our area as the OC, which stands for Orange County. Made famous by shows like Laguna Beach and the Housewives of Orange County. The OC became famous on an international level.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the OC was not cool. People who lived in the Los Angeles area thought of us OC people as hicks. Just 30 years of so ago, most of the land south of Mission Viejo was still empty or just newly developed. Things have certainly changed. Today, the OC is  force to be reckoned with.

These days there is some pretty hefty traffic on our freeways. Property in the OC is getting more expensive, especially in our Coastal cities, such as Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente, but unemployment is low and if you are run a service business the chances of making a good income here on the coast are excellent. There will always be people who have dreamed of living by the beach, and we have plenty of beautiful and well maintained beaches here.

Because of where my home and my San Clemente Villas are both located, I am steps away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. After a long day, solving problems, running the Villas,  and dealing with issues, there is nothing more magical than a walk by the ocean.

The rhythm of the waves crashing on the shore, the feel of the sand beneath my feet, the fresh smell of the salt air wafting over my back terrace. There is just something so soothing about life at the beach.

This time of the year our weather is pretty much perfect. It’s usually cool in the evenings and early morning. Often it’s foggy until 9:30 or 10:00 am, then the sun comes out and warms us up until late afternoon when the fog rolls in once again. People will come for summer vacation, hoping to get nice and warm and toasty sitting in their beach chairs. Depending upon where they have come from, our cool summer weather can be a sweet treat, or a big disappointment. We get warm and toasty in late August and early September.

If you haven’t made your vacation plans yet, try to come in July. It’s still cooler here than most other areas of the country, but the morning fogs are pretty much gone by then. We will still have the nice, cool evenings but the weather will be warm most of the day.

Aileen Brazeau

co-owner of the San Clemente Villas

assisted living facility

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Living in Southern California

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Some parts of the country have the desert and warm weather all year round. Other parts of the country have the four seasons, summer, winter, spring and fall. If it’s winter, you are stuck with cold, damp, freezing temperatures until the change of season. In Southern California, you can have all of those seasons, practically when you choose,  in one geographical area.

If you have never been to southern California, you may think it’s all surf and sand, and for parts of our area, that is true. But what you might not know is this. Within an hour or two, one can go from surf and sand, to skiing and sledding. Or, from cold, rainy , coastal weather, to the warmth and sunny weather of the desert. All of this with our beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

From San Clemente, you can take a quick trip to the Mountains and be in the sweet, mountain town of Idyllwild. It looks like an idyllic ski resort from somewhere in the mountains of Europe, yet its only a couple of hours away from San Clemente.Aileen Brazeau, San Clemente, Place to see in California

Love mid-century architecture? Then in a couple of hours the other way, you can be in Palm Springs. Travel down the streets where the old Hollywood stars bought vacation homes. The Rat Pack, Bob Hope, all had homes there at one time or another. It’s a great place to warm up from the gloom of mid March in San Clemente.

Should you really want an adventure, you could venture out of Southern California and head north toward San Francisco and on up to Lake Tahoe. The mountains are magnificent in Tahoe. You can gamble, ski and on the way back , stop in the wine country for some special vino and pampering.

I know, I am sounding like a travel agent. Really, I just want to share with you why I love it here so very much.

Happy February

Aileen Brazeau

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Autumn in the OC

It’s still warm, but every so often you can get just the slightest whiff of fall in the air. I don’t know how to describe it, but the air just feels crisp and the smell is clean and fresh. It gets me excited. I am a Holidays kind of girl, and it really is my favorite time of the year.

I also love clothes and fashion, and at this time of the year, I get to pull out my sweaters and scarves and get a little more bundled up onaileen brazeau san clemente villas, charitable giving, philanthrophist those chilly winter evenings. This is also the time of year when I get to attend some special events and to wear dresses one would only wear for a Holiday party.

I read an interesting post in the OC Register  all about the coming Fall Fashion Season here in Orange County written  By  | OC Family:

” Top takeaways from the session on what to look out for this season:

“I was covering New York fashion week for E! and every fashionable girl was wearing something plaid, try and think of any and every way to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe.” – Catt Sadler, E!.

“For me, what I’m most excited for fall is the colors. I really like the rich tones–the mustard oranges, and all sorts of reds, from aubergine to deep fiery red. I am most looking forward to dressing with more color. Also berets are super big for fall, and the vintage cat eyed sunglasses – two must haves for sure.” – Emily Cholakian, blogger.

“For me it is the casual dressing mega-mix, where you can take velvet and silk and shine and wear them for day in a causal way. Wear them back with denim, or take a cool sweatshirt that says Adidas and pair with a beautiful velvet pant.” ­– Jill Johnston, Nordstrom.

“Find ways to mix. I’m all about finding things you already have and finding ways to mix them in. Go to Neiman’s and get yourself a great pair of skinny jeans at a high price point and pair it with something you already have–it might even be a camisole–and it’s the perfect outfit” – Daniel Musto, Hollywood stylist.

But the definitive statement about what to wear now might have been from stylist Cheresse Pentella, whose advice we could all take to heart: “I’ll just say it is all about bringing out your own individual fashion. You create your own statement piece, and remember, there are no rules this season.”


Fashion is fun, and should reflect your personality. But always remember, it’s not what you wear that makes you who you are. What you wear can be a reflection of different aspects of our personalities, it’s true. Who we are and how we treat people is always more important than what we wear. So, have fun with your attire, but also remember to treat people with respect and above all, be kind.

Aileen Brazeau

San clemente Business woman, Senior assisted living

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Summer Time in the O.C.

Aileen Brazeau, summertime in the OC, aileen Brazeau, owner of San Clemente Villas

If you have never been to South Orange County in the summer time, let me tell you that it’s not exactly what your might expect. You see, here in the Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente area, the closer you get to the ocean, the cooler it gets in the summer. Our version of summer come in late September early October.

In June we have June Gloom, where it’s overcast for much of the day. Cool and damp and cooler at night. In July, as you drive toward the beach from inland, say Irvine or Costa Mesa, you can watch the digital thermometer in your car head steadily downwards. It can be in the low 90’s to 94 in Irvine, and as you head down the 5 freeway South, Laguna Hills will be in the low 90’s.

By the time you get to Crown Valley Parkway in Laguna Niguel, it will probably be in the high 80’s. If you jump off the freeway and head towards the Ocean on Golden Lantern, the temps will go down slowly at first, then once you hit Dana Point it can jump down almost 4 degrees into the mid 80’s. And by nightfall it my even get down into the 70’s.

Yes, there is still plenty of sunshine, but for us who live along the coast, the mornings have a cool foggy mist, mid day it gets warmer and by the evening it’s cool.

However, In September, when everyone inland in cooling off, we get HOT HOT HOT. So, if you are coming to visit friends and family, either come in July or August, or wait until October.

But do come. Orange County is a big place, with plenty of things to do, besides Disneyland and Knottsberry Farms that is. We have beaches, kayaking, hiking trails, some great restaurants and the Performing Arts Center.

Aileen Brazeau



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The Holidays are Past But Giving Doesn’t Have to Be

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“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” This is a quote that I identify with. Paul and I have worked hard to build San Clemente Villas by the Sea and Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms and we both have a heart for giving back to those in our community who need help. [Read more…]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Paul and I wish you and yours a

very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Aileen Brazeau

Aileen Brazeau


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Summer Concert Wear

Here in Orange County our mornings are cool, our evenings are cool and middle of the day is warm and sunny! So we dress in layers. A light jacket for the mornings and evenings, and a cool, flowy sleveless top for mid day.

I just published a post about all of the great free summer concerts here in South Orange County and this type of outfit would be perfect for one or all of them: [Read more…]

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Summer Fashion

Aileen Brazeau women's summer clothing, san clemente villas

red shoes and dress

Pretty pastel dresses, simple jewelry, light, flowery perfume and red shoes. Summer is the time for light or vibrant color, nothing in between will do.

No muddy browns or rusty reds of winter, not for us. I like long flowy dresses in the summer. They feel feminine and cool. Even though they may be sundresses, I feel a little dressed up in them. [Read more…]

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the Mom’s and Grandmothers in the world, in our San Clemente Villas, and whom I call family and friend:

Aileen Brazeau, Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day

I wish you all a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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Alzheimer’s and Emotions


happy seniorI generally leave posts about the elders to my San Clemente Villas blog, but there have been some developments in the research of Alzheimer’s which I would like to discuss here, and then we will get back to the fun things.

We have an Alzheimer’s wing at the San Clemente Villas, and I can tell you that Alzheimer’s is a complex disease. Not being able to remember the most recent events in one’s life doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t feel deep emotions. In fact, most who are afflicted by Alzheimer’s still feel emotions deeply after the event has faded from their mind, giving experts reason to challenge accepted beliefs about our feelings in general.

Alzheimer’s patients may continue to feel jubilant or somber for years, even though some of the events which contributed to those emotions are long forgotten. They could have been watching a sad movie and they just cant remember or experience.

Researchers said Alzheimer’s patients are ‘profoundly impacted emotionally by events that they cannot recall’ and that this has implications for careers and family members who are trying to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

The worse the patients’ memory,the longer the feeling of sadness persisted for it was found, suggesting that being unable to remember what made you sad makes it more difficult to lift the mood.

One patient in the study said: “I feel like all my emotions and feelings are rushing in on me. It’s extremely confusing and I do not like that feeling.”

The authors said: “The persistence of this patient’s intense negative emotion and her inability to conjure up a logical explanation for the cause of her feelings illustrate the bewilderment that a patient with Alzheimer’s disease may experience in the face of an apparently inexplicable feeling.”

I know from experience that while there are certain symptoms of this devastating disease which are common to most, each person who has Alzheimer’s has their own unique set of symptoms. I am doing everything I can to support research and ultimately a cure for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Aileen Brazeau

Aileen At Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2012

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