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san clemente california, aileen brazeau, co-owner for the san clemente villas, Our San Clemente Villas is a part of the beautiful beach city of San Clemente California. In my mind this city is one of the loveliest places to live anywhere in the world. From one location you can look to your left and see mountains, or look to your right to see the ocean, and in the downtown area of San Clemente you see the red tile roofs that are the trademark of the founder of this seaside city.

It is important to Paul and I to be involved with our city. Because of that, I am often a host for our San Clemente Chamber mixers, and when I am not hosting, I do my best to make certain I attend as many Chamber events and mixers as I can.

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Belonging to the Chamber is important to any business because its is a way to personally get to know  the other business people in my community. This month  the San Clemente Times featured an article about a group of people who help those seniors who want to remain in their own homes. Yes, I own an assisted living place, but I understand that while some love to be in our environment, others want to stay in their homes. Something for everyone. As long as people have a support system and they will be safe, that’s very important.

By Andrea Clemett, Picket Fence Media intern

San Clemente Village (SCV) is celebrating its two-year anniversary of connecting volunteers and members, ages 55 and older. Members hope that through a celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 2, held at the Community Center, more people will get involved with the program.

The nonprofit organization provides resources to its 55-and-older members who want to continue to live in their homes with the assistance of volunteers. Ret Wixted, founder of SCV, said that common needs for members are dog walkers, transportation services and interactive activity volunteers. She said such chores as front-door mail delivery or note-taking during medical appointments help members live independently without moving into a senior care facility.

San Clemente Village board members Jeralyn Peters, Maria Gladd, Jan Lee-Thorp, Tom Shoden, Gordon Hasenbein. Photo: Courtesy of San Clemente Village

The agency identified that with time, some clients may become less social, and SCV developed ways to reignite these connections. Clients and volunteers are paired together and form friendships through the activities offered. With more than 70 volunteers who service 60 members, the Village strives to find innovative and responsible ways to support its members.

“We find that the people in San Clemente want to give back to their town,” said Jan Montague, president of SCV. “Many volunteers have worked or commuted for their whole careers outside of San Clemente. When they retire, they want to be affiliated with people in their community.”

When those same people make the decision to live in a home like ours, then we stand ready and happy to serve them.


Aileen Brazeau

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