Be Careful Out There

Unless you have literally been living under a rock, you have heard the news that our beautiful state of California is on fire. No rain, windy conditions and dry vegetation are causing havoc and unless we get some really strong rain storms in the next few days, it doesn’t look like the fires will be out any time soon.

So far we have been fortunate here in Orange County, but as of yesterday all that has changed. Fires have started burning just over the mountains and on top of that, the smoke from all of the fires in Northern California is affecting us here in Orange County.

Being outside, walking, running, bike riding, surfing, paddleboarding, that’s what we do here in the OC. Right now though, it might be a good idea to stay inside for a while.Right now is a time when all of this type of fire activity can cause some severe respiratory problems for people who live here. In fact, the OC Register recently published a warning about our local air quality:

An advisory issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) on Tuesday, Aug. 7 identified the potential for increased respiratory health risks in areas within the path of winds moving west and southwest from the Holy fire that started in Orange County’s Trabuco Canyon. The warning extends through most of Orange County, and as far east as Yucaipa in San Bernardino County, and will be in effect through at least Wednesday morning.

“We are not seeing rain or anything in the forecast that might disperse the smoke in the air,” said AQMD spokesman Sam Atwood. “Given that the fire is currently zero percent contained, we may see these conditions persist for a period of days.”

If inhaled, smoke and particulate can irritate the lungs and cardiovascular system, exacerbating preexisting respiratory conditions like asthma. The very young and the elderly are also especially at risk…Residents can view up-to-the-hour air quality monitoring via and sign up for updates at

Our residents here at the San Clemente Villas are in that high risk group, so we will be extra vigilant here at the Villas.

Please be careful out there. Don’t put your health at risk.Take your exercise in doors and if you must be in areas where there is smoke and ash, wear a mask.

Aileen Brazeau

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