Aileen and Horses

Aileen at os Alamitos Race track


A short while ago, Paul and I decided to sell Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms, but that didn’t mean we stopped loving horses, or heading out to the track. Horses are powerful, beautiful creatures and our love of them remains strong.

On this particular  day I  had run into some old friends here at the Los Alamitos Race Track, and I spent a few hours or so chatting with them, looking over the stables and I even shared some carrots with one of the horses.

I think my favorite part of owning the horse farm was getting to know all of our horses, and watching the babies as they started to grow up and mature. Attending the races, seeing one of our own horses win or at least do well in the race is, to this day, still a joy for us.

So, don’t be surprised if you run into us at the local race tracks.

Aileen Brazeau



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