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We are now a week into the new year and I know that so many of you are resolved “this will be the year I exercise and get healthy!” Then by the end of January you are feeling terrible. A couple of cheeseburgers and some fries have derailed your entire plan! Don’t let it be.

Small steps, built up over time are a better way to make improvements. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit.  Perhaps instead of trying to change the entire way you live your life, just swapping some things for more healthy alternatives is a good way to start.

I started a few years ago by hiring a personal trainer. For me, having a personal trainer keeps me on task. Going for walks when I have a spare moment or two helps as well.

I live near the ocean, and it always makes me feel good to walk down to the beach and watch the waves. But if you don’t live near the beach, what about putting on some great dance music and just dancing around your family room for 20 minutes. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, having fun while moving is also a good idea.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, boil up some eggs so you have something healthy to snack on during the week.

Put a few chicken breasts in the crock pot and if you cook them on low, with some chicken broth, then you can shred the chicken breasts once they are all cooked through and hae them in a taco, or on a salad for lunch or dinner.

If you are truly craving a burger, then perhaps you can have on without the bun, and order a side salad instead of french fries. Have an iced tea instead of a soda and you have cut the calories way down.

Remember, one or two days of falling off the heatlhy wagon does NOT constitue defeat. Get up the next day and just keep doing the things that you began to do at the new year. Before you know it, you will start to see results.

Happy New Year!!

Aileen Brazeau

San clemente Business woman, Senior assisted living




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