Aileen Runs for Honor

A couple of years ago I joined a running club. I did this because I am committed to staying fit and running seems like a great way to stay in shape and to do something good for my community.

This weekend my friends and I ran in the Aloha Run in Long Beach California. The Aloha Run is lots of fun, and it’s also in support of a great cause.  Honor Run is a very special charity, Honor Flight. Honor Flight was started by one man who wanted to Honor a Veteran by taking him to visit  the Memorial in Washington for the War he fought in. A war where he defended his country and lost friends. It has grown and there are branches all over the country, and here in Southern California which flies Veterans to the WWII, Korean and Viet Nam Memorial.

It was my honor to be a contributor to this worthy cause. To read more about what Honor Flight is and does, head to their Website at




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