It’s the second month of a new year. For so many of us, 2015 was pretty good. Our businesses really began to gather upwards momentum, we began our journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For Paul and I, our horses began to win at the tracks.

This year we are hoping to sustain the success of last year, and improve on it. But we both know that stopping to rest on our behinds won’t help to keep things going. We have to gather with members of our community, continue to support local business and charities, for what you put out, at some point, you will get back. San Clemente Villas and Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms will both need our dedication and hard work. But if we do work hard, and take care of those who are in our charge, things will go well.

If all you put out into your community, and to the universe is anger and entitlement, you will get very little back. We have found if you for the most part, treat people with respect and kindness, then you will get respect and kindness. Perhaps not all of the time, but more often than not.

For your second month of the New Year, I issue this challenge, to myself as well as you. Pay it forward, and be kind.

Aileen Brazeau

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