Save Our San Clemente Hospital !

Save our hopsital OC register 2

From the OC Register

Save our hopsital OC register

From the OC Register

In March of this year Paul and I held a rally at our San Clemente Villas to protest the possible closure of Memorial Care’s hospital right next door to our facility. We have a vested interest in keeping the doors open at this hospital. Our population is older and we have need to use their services several times monthly, so it’s easy to understand why we at San Clemente Villas want this facility to remain open. But it is not just us who need this, it is our local paramedics, it is others in the local population and it is concerned citizens within the city government itself who are concerned.

Currently the closest hospital and emergency room are in Mission Viejo. We all know that traffic is always backed up in our neck of the freeway, and now there are thousands of new homes being built out on the backside of San Juan and San Clemente, but no one has provided for a hospital to service our residents and those who will be moving to these new facilities.

The Orange County Register reported on March 9, 2015:

“Amid outcry from some residents, MemorialCare Health System, owner of 73-bed Saddleback Memorial Medical Center San Clemente, is looking seriously at shutting down its hospital and ER at 654 Camino de los Mares to build a three-story medical pavilion offering a wide range of outpatient services at a lower cost than a hospital.

Missing from Memorial Care’s announced proposal last August was 911 emergency services. That drew a backlash from residents alarmed that closure of the only ER between Mission Viejo  and Oceanside would create a gap in coverage. A group of local physicians formed On Wednesday, weighing the city’s five-year financial outlook, the City Council pondered what the shutdown of the emergency room might cost taxpayers. Among other things, it would force local paramedics to deploy out of town on all 911 calls, making ambulances and their firefighter operators less available in town.

The city may need an extra ambulance and more Orange County Fire Authority personnel. The city’s annual OCFA bill already rises 4.5 percent per year at the present level of services.

Asked about the idea of a new hospital on city land, Makshanoff said “staff is looking at how we could change the zoning there from ‘open space’ to a hospital/institutional use. We haven’t had any discussions with interested parties. The idea is to change the zoning to see if it would attract the right suitor, especially with La Pata opening up and the 14,000 or so homes being built on the Rancho Mission Viejo land.”

Dr. Gus Gialamas, a save-the-hospital advocate, said he applauds the city’s efforts but hopes MemorialCare will maintain hospital/ER services at the present  site. ”

Please contact your city officials and visit the site  to learn how you can help save our hospital.

Aileen Brazeau


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