Fall Fashion

Elle Magazine has some great posts about style and fashion. There are other great style magazines in print and on-line, but Elle seems to have more sense of the styles and fashions a “normal” business woman would actually wear. Some of the clothes I see in print and digital magazines could be viewed as works of contemporary art, but they certainly look like they would be either uncomfortable or at the very least, impractical to actually wear.

I was just looking at their site today and I found a post about fashionable dresses, with pockets!! Any man reading this would say, “what’s the big deal?, doesn’t everything you wear have pockets?”, and if you ask most women for an answer they would tell you, no, not everything has pockets. In fact, even most women’s dress slacks don’t have them. For years now we women have sacrificed the pockets in order to make our hips look slimmer. But I still love pockets. 

Take a look at this slideshow and tell me what you think: Elle Fashion, Dresses with Pockets


Aileen Brazeau


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