Fall Fashion 2014

September is one of the warmest months here on the beach in San Clemente. During the summer the wind off the ocean keeps us cool, but in the fall when winds start to flow from inland our weather heats up. Every year at this time I am slightly amused by the convention of putting away all of our white clothing for another year. And in reality in climates like ours, there is not reason to put our light summer clothing away until pretty near to the holidays.

I have a confession to make, I really don’t mind this artificial change in seasons. The arrival of fall means soon the air will be cooler, there will be fires in our fireplaces and out in our fire pits. My fall clothing will feel new again, and truth be told, I will probably purchase a few items to freshen up that fall wardrobe. I was just browsing through Elle magazine’s site, and thought this photo presented some interesting possibilities:



I love the pencil skirt, the bag and scarf. Not sure I would choose to wear these flats with a skirt, I would probably chose something with a heel, but I still like the flats to throw on with a crisp white shirt and a nice pair of slacks or dark washed jeans.

I think it’ time to check out my closet and get ready for the Fall!!


Aileen Brazeau




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