Entertainers at San Clemente Villas

The Kelly Boyz Cowboy Dancers Show

Why do we have entertainers come to San Clemente Villas by the Sea?  Imagine if you could no longer drive, if the only family you had was located at the opposite ends of the country. What would you do all day? Would you watch TV, play cards, and chat with friends? All of that is fine but, after a while, it is a pretty restrictive routine.

I like to have fun, I love music and dancing, and so do most people. So every couple of weeks we have live entertainment at our San Clemente Villas. In July we had the Cowboy Dancers come into our place and entertain our people. In June we were sponsors of the annual San Clemente Classic Car Show. This past August, we took a birthday Cruise out off of the Dana Point Harbor and a few weeks ago we even had a Luau! We always invite the families and friends of our residents, and often we will hold fund raising events for various charities and foundations around our community.

Our residents are not just people who live in our Villas–they become friends and extended family. There is extensive research that spotlights a high level of activity and social interaction for seniors as a means to a more fulfilling life and better cognitive functioning, too. Other viable activities are music, movement, and swimming and, as we all know, these are activities that are really good for every age group!!

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