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Supporting Alzheimer’s Research

At our San Clemente Villa's we have an entire wing devoted to Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. We see the ravages of this disease each and every day, and we know that there will be more cases of Alzheimer's and Dementia coming up with all of the Boomer's aging. It is vital that there be some significant break through in the treatment and perhaps a cure for this disease, or I am not certain … [Read More...]

What’s Aileen Up To?

I have lots going on this week,tomorrow, June 5th I am sponsoring a Networking Breakfast and this weekend we will be at the car show in downtown San Clemente at the car show, look for the beautiful women in their Poodle Skirts!!   My husband and I love being apart of the San Clemente Community, and we really enjoy getting out and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Please stop … [Read More...]

We Participated in a Shea Riding Center Event

Paul and I own a horse farm. We breed horses both for stud and for racing. We care very much for our horses and we both enjoy interacting with our horses and their trainers. Horses are beautiful animals with their own distinct personalities and quirks. just like humans, some are more social, others less so. There are horses with a sense of mischief and other who take things very seriously. … [Read More...]

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Events With Aileen

Aileen Attended the San Clemente State of the City Luncheon

I am a proud member of the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce! We regularly hold amazing chamber mixer's here at my San Clemente Villas. Paul and I love the city of San Clemente and … [Read More...]

Special Activities at San Clemente Villas

Susie Vanderlip and  myself.  -- what a fun morning with her Dance SOS Dance Crew to entertain our residents. so energizing and fun! — at San Clemente Villas by the Sea. Taken from … [Read More...]

Running, Running and Running

In the past year and a half or so I have stepped up my fitness quest. I started by joining a weight loss program and walking. Then a short while later, along with a couple of … [Read More...]

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Aileen’s Support of Local Charities

Aileen Runs for Charity

A couple of years ago I joined a running club. I did this because I am committed to staying fit and running seems like a great way to stay in shape and to do something good for … [Read More...]

San Clemente Villas is a Happening Place

The mornings are getting darker, the night air a bit cooler, fall is coming. Although for us coastal residents it's usually the time when the weather gets warmer. Regardless, the … [Read More...]

Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the Mom's and Grandmothers in the world, in our San Clemente Villas, and whom I call family and friend: I wish you all a beautiful Mother's Day! Aileen Brazeau … [Read More...]

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